If you have any questions fell free to write on our Facebook site or WhatsApp +48602150149 🚚 We offer free shipping by UPS on purchase over 200€

Shipping policy


The recipient is responsible for the correct delivery details of the shipment.
All orders are despatched by Priority Mail or UPS courier.

Prioritys mail delivery time : 7-14 days depends on EU country. Outside EU delivery time : 10-25 working days (with no refund for dead plants), FedEx 5-14 working days. 

Courier (UPS, DHL): delivery time 3-5 days depends on country

If you receive plants that arrive damaged or rotten please contact us via the website, Facebook or whatsapp and we will endeavour to refund or replace items as quickly as possible (only courier delivery).

As we sell live plants you will not receive a refund for not picked parcels! Withholding the pick up parcel collected at the post office for more than two days releases the seller from a refund.You will loose your money! Make orders wisely!